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For over 25 years, VBS has strived to exceed all of your residential, commercial and professional needs when it comes to restoration.

Helping Arizona for over 25 years

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured locally-run business specializing in the art of emergency home restoration.  We know you have many options to choose from, that’s why at VBS Restoration we strive to treat you like family throughout the entire restoration process.  Feel free to let us know how we can help you today!

Fire Restoration

This can be one of the most traumatic occurrences that a property owner may experience. VBS can assist you from the first call to the finishing touches to restore you home or business to better than before. We are sensitive that when you experience a loss of property it is imperative that you do not have to expel mounds of energy on what to do next. We will step by step guide you through the process, update you daily on the progress and work with everyone involved in ensure a most pleasant experience under the circumstance.

Services Available:

– Boarding up and securing the area to protect the public and property owner. This includes fencing, tarps, and all necessary to temporarily protect and secure the site.

– Removing and storing any salvageable items within the home or building and set up for cleaning if needed. Do whatever necessary to return furniture, blinds, drapes, clothing, equipment, personal items etc to its previous value.

– Water removal and mold prevention if the fire department was needed through mitigation contractors.

– Once all damage and loss is estimated we will swiftly and efficiently reconstruct all elements within the structure to its previous condition, if not better.

Water Restoration

Water can be as damaging as any fire disaster due to the serious nature of mold in your home or office. VBS works with trusted companies who are ready to handle such an emergency 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We currently have contracts with the City Of Phoenix and looking to work with others to handle the mitigation. We know that water left untreated for a short period of time can permanently affect the structure of your personal or commercial property. It is imperative that equipment is swiftly brought to begin the dry out process to remove moisture preventing further damage.

Services Available:

– 24/7/365 contact and response

– Contract out the immediate drying process to remove water and moisture from the structure

– Monitor the progress and completion of the mitigation

– Repair, restore or replace any damaged items and property that was caused by the water disaster.

Storm Restoration

Monsoons. Wind. Freeze. Hail.
Arizona is mostly dry. We have severe monsoons that our properties may not be prepared for. On occasion we get pipe freezes also. The wind is a factor in many of our roof damages. We have even experienced 2010 hail storm which surprised us all. VBS provides 24/7 service to majority of Arizona and have over 25 years experience with these random natural disasters. In a quick and efficient manner our operations staff is there to assist.

Services Available:

– Thorough walk through and estimate of the property with individual to estimate damage

– Board up, tarps, fencing, what is needed to secure the site and property

– Removal of water, mold prevention, deodorizing, cleaning as needed

– Provide all information needed and keep updated on status on the restoring and or replacing of items, personal property, equipment and anything damages from the storm